Second Mortgages Direct offers free rate quotes and lending services online for American consumers seeking low rate 2nd mortgage loans with bill consolidation and cash back options for interest reduction. We are considered a premium loan company and we have helped thousands of homeowners with making decisions online for financing house repairs and with securing interest reduction funds for debt consolidation. Our second mortgage lenders offer consumers an easier way to get quotes from the top lenders who specialize in 2nd mortgages, home improvement loans, credit lines and cash out refinancing. The Federal Reserve has slashed mortgage rate levels to reach record marks and 2nd mortgage guidelines are finally beginning to expand with less equity requirements as home values have begun to rebound nationally. If you are unable to qualify for a traditional second mortgage refinance, we can even help you find a professional for a modification. Many mortgage companies have put their home equity products on hold, but our 2nd lenders have actually expanded their options for subordinate financing. Many borrowers have requested our high LTV loan programs that provide the unique opportunity to lower their interest rate and obtain money back in the loan without needing equity to qualify.

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Second Mortgages Direct provides flexible home improvement loan programs with low second mortgage rates for debt consolidation and home construction. You can utilize a "second mortgage" and make those cosmetic changes with home improvements that may increases the value of your property. We are a direct mortgage lender with 2nd loan programs available in all 49 states. We are one of the only finance companies with the expertise and financial strength you need in order to get the most competitive mortgage rate. All you need to do is complete our online application and if we can't qualify you for the best rate second mortgage loan, then we will refer you to 3 or 4 of the best 2nd mortgage lenders in your area.

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The average amount of debt in American households continues to rise, especially in areas with a high cost of living. As debt increases, families find themselves struggling to remember to make payments to an assortment of creditors and paying ridiculous interest rates on revolving debt. Bill consolidation with a home equity mortgage is usually a good solution for consumers that find themselves mired in revolving debt.

Although many consumers struggling with credit card bills turn debt counselors for a help, a second loan is better than consumer credit counseling. It is important to have a fiscal education and understand how to manage your bills once you consolidate, but consolidation is a great start. "A lot of times, when someone owes a lot of creditors different amounts of money, it causes a lot of anxiety and gives you that drowning feeling," said Robert Pagliarini, author of The Six-Day Financial Makeover. "Debt consolidation loans can help make consolidating your debt easier. It really allows you to focus, and it empowers you because now you know exactly who you owe and how much you owe."

If your credit is still in great shape and you have equity to mine in your home, a second mortgage for consolidating debt can be a simple solution to getting back on your feet. Applying for an underwater mortgage refinance or a secured home credit line is simple and will lower your interest rates and your payments. You can also be certain what your payments will be every month by refinancing revolving debt into a fixed rate loan. However, even if you are in financial trouble a secured home credit line can help your situation. If equity becomes the primary issue for consolidating debt or taking cash out, consider FHA refinanceing that enables homeowners with credit obstacles and equity issues the ability to qualify. In addition to government refinancing, note modifications have become very popular for homeowners seeking lower 1st and 2nd mortgage payments even though they might be delinquent. The government has been mandating loan modifications to prevent foreclosures.

Home equity mortgages are a better choice than filing bankruptcy if you find yourself unable to make credit card payments. Debt consolidation loans can help you keep your house by paying your past due debt. You may be able to pay off collections and judgments even if you have bad credit. Talk to a mortgage professional to investigate you options. A second mortgage loan may be just the thing to end your financial worries. Just keep in mind that it is your home that is securing the loan. Be sure to close credit card accounts once they are paid off or at least cut them up. Continuing to build debt on recently paid off credit cards could put you in an even more difficult financial situation. If you are behind the point of qualifying for an equity loan to consolidate debt, consider debt settlement, rather than bankruptcy.

Home mortgage interest rates are still low and no equity programs are still available! Second Mortgages Direct will help you get approved for loan in just a few minutes! Free no obligation second mortgage quote. If you need more cash or you are being consumed by high interest loans and credit cards, then you have come to the right mortgage company!

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What Do Second Mortgage Lenders Consider When Qualifying 2nd Mortgages?

Clearly credit and equity are the two most important factors that mortgage lenders consider when evaluating a 2nd mortgage loan submission. The less equity you have in your home, the more important that your credit score will be for determining the second mortgage rate of interest. Lender want to see that you pay your bills every month on time, as agreed. Second mortgage lenders are always concerned about past bankruptcies, collections and various delinquencies that the credit bureaus are reporting on your credit report.

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