Welcome to Second Mortgages Direct. We are your total solution mortgage center for Second Mortgages, & Cash Out Home Equity Loans. Apply Online with our free service, simple application, and service with a smile.  
 Second Mortgages Direct is a nationwide lender headquartered in California. We specialize in second mortgages and home equity loans for homeowners for 49 states. 
 Our mission at Second Mortgages Direct, is to deliver Homeowners better options for second mortgages with lower rates. We will help assist you through the loan process from the approval to the funding. Even if you have No Equity in your home…We can still help, because we offer the most extensive 125% second mortgages nationwide. We also can help people with all types of credit. Whether you are a first time homebuyer needing cash for home improvements, or looking to consolidate your debts to save money, we are the #1 source for second mortgages and home equity loans online.  

Second Mortgages Direct has assembled a team of experienced mortgage professionals to ensure quick approvals and valuable financial consultation.

 You can pay off your debts' second mortgage and save yourself hundreds of dollars every month, plus gain a new tax deduction. 
 We are now accepting loan applications 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week! 
 Finding out your loan options is totally risk-free! There is no obligation to take a loan after completing the online application. 
Second Mortgages Direct
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Los Angeles Ca 90210
Mortgage Center Hours:
Monday through Friday 8am - 7pm PST
Saturday 11am - 5pm PST
Sunday Closed

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