Debt Consolidation

Second Mortgages Direct is promoting a new debt consolidation loan that is deigned to save homeowners 25-40% a month. We offer consumers a free lending service online with low rate second mortgages, refinance and fixed rate bill consolidation to aid your savings.

Most consumers are tired of credit card bills piling in the drawers at home. High-interest credit card debt is robbing the personal saving of most Americans. With interest rates still at historic lows, now is the time to consolidate those debts with a loan from Second Mortgages Direct. You can pay off those balances and just have one low monthly payment a month! We offer easy ways to get quotes from the top lenders who specialize in consolidation loans and second mortgages. If you need more cash or have high interest loans and credit card with compounding interest, then you have come to the right Mortgage Company. Second Mortgages Direct has helped thousands of homeowners with making home improvements and debt consolidation.

We offer unique loan programs for:

  • Low Rate Bill Consolidation
  • Cash Out Home Equity Loans
  • Debt Reduction Options
  • Loan Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Pay off Revolving Debts
  • Home Improvements
  • Flexible Equity Lines of Credit

Consolidate your high-interest credit card debt today and put more money in the bank for tomorrow!

We can design a debt consolidation loan that can help you save money monthly and accomplish your financial goals. We can loan you up to $300,000 on a second mortgage up to 100% of your home's value.

Loans up to 125% of your home's appraised value
Whether you have equity in your home or not, we can help because we lend up to 125% of your homes value. We can loan you up to $100,000 on a second mortgage up to 125% of your home's value.
You can take out a Home Improvement Loan and make those cosmetic changes that you've been talking about. In most cases, making home improvements increases the value of your property.

Stop accumulating growing interest debt on your credit cards, and qualify for a loan with fixed, simple interest rates that may offer additional tax savings. As you know, tax deductions are difficult to find. That's why a second mortgage loan from Second Mortgages Direct makes sense. With our 2nd mortgages you are able to consolidate multiple, high-interest credit cards and loan payments into one, lower monthly payment. You can Save Thousands of dollars a year!

Your Loan approval is subject to submitting an application to the mortgage lender: verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property. has the expertise and financial strength you need in order to get the most competitive interest rate for debt consolidation loans. All you need to do is complete our online application and we will refer you to 3 or 4 of the best second mortgage lenders in your area.

Get Cash Out & Finance Home Improvements Adjustable Rate Credit Lines Interest Only with HELOC
Fixed Second Mortgage Rates Borrow up to 125% Stated Income Second Mortgages


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