Home Equity Credit

What are Home Equity Lines of Credit?
A home equity line of credit, also called HELOC, is a revolving second mortgage line that allows you to borrow and use over and over. Unlike credit cards, home equity credit lines, are secured by your house. The payments vary because the second mortgage lenders only require the minimum payment of interest for the portion of the equity line that was used. Home equity line rates are variable 2nd mortgage rates that are connected to the Prime index. Every time the Federal Reserve Board decides to increase the rates, your credit line rate could change.

$45,000 2nd Mortgage Lines for $275 a month

Home Equity Credit - Revolving Lines

If you need more cash or have high interest and revolving credit, then Second Mortgages Direct is the perfect financing partner to find you the best lender.

Loan Purpose: Home Improvement Funds, Bill Consolidation, Second Home Purchase, Construction
Documentation Type: No Income Verification or Full Documentation

  • 100% Home Credit
  • Interest Only Payments
  • Stated Income Rates for Self-Employed
  • Prime Rate HELOC

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Don't forget that when you compare credit line rates and loan terms that the margin quoted will be added to the prime rate.
(ie. Prime plus 1.5 would be an interest rate of 9.75 because Prime is at 8.25% at this time)

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